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One of a Kind Lure for a Milestone Birthday

I treated a longtime friend to a one of a kind Custom Lure the UB Matic for his Milestone Birthday on our Canada trip in July.  He is the first to receive one of these and it was my pleasure …

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Custom Cranks Unveiled in Wisconsin

Unveiled for the first time in Wisconsin, four new prototypes. From right to left the two solid body UB-Matic’s, the jointed UB-Matic Swimmer, and the double jointed UB-Matic Progressive Swimmer.

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A “Rack of Laminates”

  Just completed a “Rack of Laminates”. These 7″ lures nest in a rack that fits within my custom tackle box. The photo angle is limited due to the secretive nature of the outer two lures which will be revealed …

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New from the Lure Foundry, the UBMATIC! 7 inch shallow running crankbaits in Walnut /Curly Maple and Holly/Redheart. These baits are designed to swim in the 18″ to 24″ range just above the deeper weed bed.  The swimming action is …

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A new Flat Body Shallow Runner

A couple of new flat body style Crankbaits in the works at the Lure Foundry. The top lure is nearly ready for the swim test, while the bottom lure, showing its interior brass hook harness, is still in the assembly …

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Latest Lure from the Foundry

Had been thinking about this one for some time now in an effort to expand my line of lures.  These are prototype twitch baits approximately 7″ in length(wood body).  They feature custom laminated wood, continuous .072″ solid brass thru wire …

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These nine new lure bodies will eventually evolve into the New “Slug-O-Matic” diving crankbait available soon through the website.  Details to follow!

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The Weekender Unveiled

The new “Gentleman’s Custom Weekender” is now available!  Gave this box two weeks of hard use in Wisconsin over the last two weeks to include wildly swinging temperatures, wind, rain and sleet.  Held up beautifully!  Go to the Tackle Box …

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Big Lure Big Bass

This large Bass hammered a Spalted Maple version of our yet to be named diving crankbait.  Fishing a submerged point along an eight foot contour lined heavily with cabbage yielded this beauty.  Hopefully, before the week is out, the bass …

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Bass Like Musky Lures Too

It appears that Bass like Lure Foundry Musky lures as well.  The fishing has been excellent, however the catching has been slow.  Good news is the new lures perform well as designed.  There’s always tomorrow!

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