Brian’s inspirations have evolved from the nostalgia side of both conventional fishing and fly fishing.  A particular period of interest he refers to as the golden age of sport fishing is the 1920’s thru the 1950’s.  He believes that perhaps some of the finest in hand made tackle was produced during this era.  Of particular interest to him were the products manufactured specifically for Musky Fishing.  From split cane rods and hand shaped nets to hand-painted cedar fishing lures, this era had it all.

Brian has been collecting tackle for a number of years only to find himself restoring classic pieces to their original glory.  Although he had been making his own in-line spinners for years and customizing off-the-shelf lures, it was his restoration work of vintage pieces that inspired his own line of wooden lures.  Not necessarily new lure designs, it is the construction methods and materials that definitely make his designs unique collector’s pieces.

Choosing not to use paints and dye’s, Brian’s creations make use of both fine grade domestic and globally sourced exotic woods to create the color patterns which can be found in vintage lures of the past.  Each piece of wood is chosen for its grain pattern, richness of clarity, and color.  Once a color combination is determined and assembled in his lures, the raw form is hand turned on a wood lathe to its ultimate profile. These fine hand chiseled fishing lures can be passed down for generations to come.

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Brian’s fishing career began as a youth casting to bass and blue gill in the ponds and lakes of St. Charles, MO., where he caught his first large bass on a rod fabricated of parts he collected from other damaged rods.  After joining an engineering company in 1979 he be-friended a co-worker who encouraged him to join him on what would be his first of many trips to both Ontario, Canada, and Wisconsin in pursuit of muskies and pike.  Although he has many muskies to his credit, up to 47” from these waters, one of his favorite catches was a beautiful 42” specimen caught and released in an Illinois impoundment.  This fish was one of the largest caught in Illinois in the 1995 season.  Brian has also placed well in tournaments finding himself in first place after the first day in the 11th annual Muskies Inc. tournament at Pomme De Tere Lake in Southern MO., ultimately finishing fourth by the tournament’s end.

In 1998 Brian moved to Atlanta where he chose to round out his resume by joining a well known fly fishing company, ultimately teaching fly fishing classes and providing seminars to many of the local fishing clubs.  He has guided professionally for over five years and continues to teach with the Atlanta Fly Fishing School after receiving his certification with the Federation of Fly Fishers in 2006.  Brian’s destinations include classic trout waters within each coast, island paradise’s of the Bahamas, inland waters of Alaska, and shield lakes of Ontario.

In 2009 Brian chose to enhance his woodworking skills by joining the staff at a well known woodworking retailer.  There he has improved on his skills using both power and hand tools, joinery methods, wood selection ~ both exotic and domestic ~ and finishing techniques.  As a result of the popularity of his hand-chiseled fishing lures, he has expanded his product line to include uniquely hand-crafted tackle boxes and rod cases.