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You are probably already aware that yours truly, the “Luresmith”, loves old fishing tackle.  So much so that I am digging deep into the vault for equipment to fish with on up coming trips.  What you see in the photo is one of my restorations I did early this spring.  It is a 1938 Heddon model 900 bamboo musky rod.  This rod was in good restorable condition a couple of years ago when I obtained it.  The main shaft and handle were ok but the finish, silk wraps, and one of the guides was in need of some serious TLC!  To add to the combination is a pre-WWII South Bend model 1200 baitcasting reel.  Follow us on our trip this August and see this rod in action hopefully with a musky putting a serious bend in it!

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  1. Carl Martens

    Did you put new handle grips on the reel?

    What happened to the South Bend company?

    • Carl

      Thanks for you interest. The reel was/is in great shape with no repairs necessary, just a little oil here and there on some of the mechanics. I obtained this reel earlier this year and included with it was the leather case (in photo), reel wrench and the original owners manual. The quality of construction is a testament to South Bends commitment to make things that last at least back then. South Bend is still in business dating back to 1906, 105 plus years ago! Amazing!

      The Luresmith!


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