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You probably thought that someone with a lot of time on their hands was setting up an intricate domino fall pattern.  The reality is that to create the unique design in our Musky Floats requires crosscutting numerous slices of exotic naturally colored wood in varying dimensions.  The photo on the left includes over 70 pieces that will comprise the main bodies of 5 new Musky Floats.  These pieces will be glued together then precisely hand turned to their final shape on the wood lathe looking something like the photo on the right.

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  1. Pat Holley

    When I first saw this pic I thought it was from one our trip’s to Pipestone ! But the day a Kinkaid was special for sure !! I am so looking forward to our trip to Eagle lake this year and will indeed throw your lures. But I DON’T think teeth marks take away from the beauty of the lure, but just makes it that much more special !!!!!


    • Pat

      I am reasonably certain your comment was meant for the Favorite Catch Photo and understandably so, the excitement could have thrown anyone off. I wish you well at Eagle Lake and we at the Lure Foundry would be thrilled to have a photo of a Musky’s jaws wrapped around one of our lures!

      The Luresmith


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