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We are pleased to announce with much anticipation the newest lure to add to our product line, the Lunge-O-Matic diving wiggler.  We had considered many design options and believe we got this one just right in terms of proportions and swimming action.  Depending on the woods used we expect three to eight feet in running depth, and the higher density woods likely will allow the lure to suspend when the retrieve is stopped.  Look for an up-coming video from our August Wisconsin fishing trip on this lure being fished.

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  1. Doug Pluth

    Just a testimonial about the quality of work one can expect from The Lure Foundry… amazing ! I have acquired several of the lures shown in the website including the presentation lure box. The fit and finish of every piece is flawless. Thease are truly works of craftsmanship. I started out thinking that I would throw one of these and get some real teeth marks in them, but upon inspection, they have such beautiful finishes that I am having a very hard time letting Ole’ Essox bite down on one! I’m sure I’ll get over the trauma of seeing the first scratches as I am dying to try one out on my next trip. One good thing is that the colors you see on the lures is the color of the wood with which they are made. The color is through and through.
    Job well done !

    • Doug

      Thank you for the kind words I really appreciate it. My goal at The Lure Foundry is to produce works that are flawless. We believe we are well on our way to achieve that goal but still have our homework to do. We would be thrilled if you forwarded photos of your catch with its jaws wrapped around one of our Lures!

      The Luresmith!


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