Three Follows and Cooperative Pike | The Lure Foundry

Although faced with challenging conditions for the better part of the week we did manage to locate a few fish on the classic structure. Three follows in five days is a satisfying number especially when the Northerns are keeping you busy. We put our lures through the paces and are pleased with the performance especially on the deep diving model. The attached photo depicts the typical Northern taken when fishing the outside edges of the deep cabbage bed. Follows from Muskie ranged from 30″, 42″, and 44″ respectively. Largemouth Bass caught while casting for Musky were impressive. All in all everything we could have hoped for from such a small lake, a tribute to the management of Wisconsin fisheries.

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Old Musky Rods in Action | The Lure Foundry

One of my favorite things to do is to dust off some of the vintage gear and give it a whirl in the field.  This is a restored 1938 Heddon Model 900 Muskie Rod and one of my newer prototype two hook model Musk-O-Matics being fished in Wisconsin this week.  The combination includes an old Model 1200 South Bend reel.  This combination is a pleasure to cast and a testament to the quality of workmanship that was meant to last a lifetime, something we believe in when hand crafting our lures.  We have been blessed to have raised a  42″ class Musky on the second morning of the trip in hopes we can get it to put a bend in this rod!

Classic Combination

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Lure Foundry Lure Color Options | The Lure Foundry

The Lure Foundry is pleased to announce our line up of color options available for all of our lures.  The four current available options include the following from left to right.

Classic Tiger (Yellowheart and Ebony)

LF’s Red and Black Stripe (Redheart and Ebony)
LF’s Lil Musky with dorsal accent (Curly Maple and Black Walnut)
Traditional Red Head and White with dorsal accent (Redheart and American Holly)
Look for our line up of color options to expand in the future.


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One of My Favorite Catches | The Lure Foundry

Some of you have been inquiring about one of my favorite catches that occurred some time ago as mentioned in the “About” section of the Lure Foundry website.  Although not my largest Musky at 42″,  still a favorite for a lot of reasons one of those being I got to share in the exitement with my good friend Pat.  Pat seemed to know of the whereabouts of this and other fish in this Illinois impoundment and as luck would have it this musky was my second of the day!  Pat netted this Musky for me and after a few photos was released unharmed to do battle another day!

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  1. I believe the following comment submitted under Musky Float Creation from a good friend and fellow Musky Fisher was meant for this photo. Thanks for your thoughts Pat and good luck at Eagle!

    The Luresmith

    When I first saw this pic I thought it was from one our trip’s to Pipestone ! But the day a Kinkaid was special for sure !! I am so looking forward to our trip to Eagle lake this year and will indeed throw your lures. But I DON’T think teeth marks take away from the beauty of the lure, but just makes it that much more special !!!!!



Musky Float Creation | The Lure Foundry

You probably thought that someone with a lot of time on their hands was setting up an intricate domino fall pattern.  The reality is that to create the unique design in our Musky Floats requires crosscutting numerous slices of exotic naturally colored wood in varying dimensions.  The photo on the left includes over 70 pieces that will comprise the main bodies of 5 new Musky Floats.  These pieces will be glued together then precisely hand turned to their final shape on the wood lathe looking something like the photo on the right.

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  1. Pat Holley

    When I first saw this pic I thought it was from one our trip’s to Pipestone ! But the day a Kinkaid was special for sure !! I am so looking forward to our trip to Eagle lake this year and will indeed throw your lures. But I DON’T think teeth marks take away from the beauty of the lure, but just makes it that much more special !!!!!


    • Pat

      I am reasonably certain your comment was meant for the Favorite Catch Photo and understandably so, the excitement could have thrown anyone off. I wish you well at Eagle Lake and we at the Lure Foundry would be thrilled to have a photo of a Musky’s jaws wrapped around one of our lures!

      The Luresmith


Fishing with old stuff | The Lure Foundry

You are probably already aware that yours truly, the “Luresmith”, loves old fishing tackle.  So much so that I am digging deep into the vault for equipment to fish with on up coming trips.  What you see in the photo is one of my restorations I did early this spring.  It is a 1938 Heddon model 900 bamboo musky rod.  This rod was in good restorable condition a couple of years ago when I obtained it.  The main shaft and handle were ok but the finish, silk wraps, and one of the guides was in need of some serious TLC!  To add to the combination is a pre-WWII South Bend model 1200 baitcasting reel.  Follow us on our trip this August and see this rod in action hopefully with a musky putting a serious bend in it!

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  1. Carl Martens

    Did you put new handle grips on the reel?

    What happened to the South Bend company?

    • Carl

      Thanks for you interest. The reel was/is in great shape with no repairs necessary, just a little oil here and there on some of the mechanics. I obtained this reel earlier this year and included with it was the leather case (in photo), reel wrench and the original owners manual. The quality of construction is a testament to South Bends commitment to make things that last at least back then. South Bend is still in business dating back to 1906, 105 plus years ago! Amazing!

      The Luresmith!


The Grand Slam | The Lure Foundry

The Grand Slam is a packaged set of our current three lure designs.  From the Surface to down around eight feet in depth you will cover a wide range of the water column and perhaps the most exciting.  Unique to the Grand Slam series is the thru wire construction and floating hook clevises.  Included is the striking divided presentation box done in Walnut and Maple.  We expect to have video clips of the lures you see in these photos in action this August in Wisconsin.

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  1. Rick Kozelka

    Great looking set, beautiful box. I was wondering if the set is availible in the other wood styles (Classic Tiger, LF’s Lil Musky, LF’s Red & Black Stripe) maybe one of each. I already have the Musk-O-Matic in the Traditional Red Head & White. GREAT CRAFTSMANSHIP! Thanks again for supporting Muskies Inc.

    • Rick
      Thanks for your interest and kind words, really appreciate it! From it’s inception The Grand Slam was designed to be a matched set and is available in any of the four color pattern offerings. Going forward you may see a set of four, one of each color, offered as a package.


The Lure has arrived | The Lure Foundry

We are pleased to announce with much anticipation the newest lure to add to our product line, the Lunge-O-Matic diving wiggler.  We had considered many design options and believe we got this one just right in terms of proportions and swimming action.  Depending on the woods used we expect three to eight feet in running depth, and the higher density woods likely will allow the lure to suspend when the retrieve is stopped.  Look for an up-coming video from our August Wisconsin fishing trip on this lure being fished.

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  1. Doug Pluth

    Just a testimonial about the quality of work one can expect from The Lure Foundry… amazing ! I have acquired several of the lures shown in the website including the presentation lure box. The fit and finish of every piece is flawless. Thease are truly works of craftsmanship. I started out thinking that I would throw one of these and get some real teeth marks in them, but upon inspection, they have such beautiful finishes that I am having a very hard time letting Ole’ Essox bite down on one! I’m sure I’ll get over the trauma of seeing the first scratches as I am dying to try one out on my next trip. One good thing is that the colors you see on the lures is the color of the wood with which they are made. The color is through and through.
    Job well done !

    • Doug

      Thank you for the kind words I really appreciate it. My goal at The Lure Foundry is to produce works that are flawless. We believe we are well on our way to achieve that goal but still have our homework to do. We would be thrilled if you forwarded photos of your catch with its jaws wrapped around one of our Lures!

      The Luresmith!


Fishing in Wisconsin | The Lure Foundry

You won’t want to miss the action in Wisconsin this August as we will be providing short clip videos of our lures being fished.  We will also be taking some of our other products for obtaining the best location photography for our catalog.  We will keep you posted on this.  The attached photos are from last years trip where I was tasked to provide a fish fry for a group of eight.  These Bass and Pike were taken while casting for Musky on the last morning of our trip there.  Oh and by the way I did get lucky enough to have a small Musky slam my lure at the boat that morning!  Enjoy!

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Lure Foundry Musky Float | Lure Foundry Update

As promised we are providing an updated photograph of our Lure Foundry Retro Musky Floats housed in their Walnut and Maple presentation slider box.  Unique to this style box is the raised panel slider lid providing a striking detail to the top when closed.  The float retainer slots feature compressible foam keeping the pieces safely in place should the box be unexpectedly over-turned.  These floats will come complete with a detailed descriptor card signed by the Luresmith.  Hope you enjoy!

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