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We are pleased to announce the newest entry to our line of accessories, the Retro Live Rig Musky Float.  Each are hand crafted and use a variety of different hardwoods to create unique color schemes that are highly visible in rough water or overcast skies.  Yes these are functional pieces but would also make a statement on display in your home, office or cabin at the lake.


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Lures Under Pressure | Lure Foundry


You were probably thinking I had a deadline to meet and the truth is I have a lot of projects in the works for both clients and the company, some with target finish dates.  What you are looking at is a bank of lure bodies in glue-up state in clamps that can exert as much as 900lbs of pressure.  We want the fit to be absolute so that there is no trace of a glue line.  Two of the bodies on the bottom are new entries to our lure line and will be finished soon.  Check our website for this addition soon!

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Up and Running | The Lure Foundry

I am finally OK with saying The Lure Foundry is up and running.  We have been working hard behind the scenes and believe it or not I have put Lure Foundry lures in the hands of Musky fisherman almost two years ago.  The shop is a work in progress and becoming more efficient and organized every week.  There are a lot of projects in the works and soon to be released is our Lunge-O-Matic Musky lure, a diving wiggler, to round out our current series of lures.  You will see photos of it soon.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting the Lure Foundry.

Custom Jigs - The Lure Foundry

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